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Escape game where players interact with a mermaid AI. 

Escape game made from March to July 2022 during the M1 at the Cnam Enjmin.

Lost in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, a shadowy foundation has given you the mission to explore a sunken shipwreck. Using experimental technology that allows you to breathe underwater, you have ten precious minutes to dive, search and retrieve an artefact from a long lost civilisation.

Some documentation in French :

In detail, what I have done is :

  • AI System with Game Master (GM) override
  • Multi monitor management and GM interface
  • Kinect multi-head tracking
  • Object recognition with NFC technology and Arduino
  • USB cable management
  • Camera’s night calibrations
  • GM Video Retransmission (OBS Studio + Parsec + Discord)
  • Budget and material list
  • Surround audio 5.1 with Fmod integration
  • Craft for some of the props (also the treasure in epoxy)

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