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Lyrical 2D platformer that questions the boundaries between self and others.
Feb. 19 2019

Game made during the 48h Scientific game jam by FenrirStudio with 7 people,  mostly from Astronoid Project. Win the public’s favourite prize.

I was in charge of:

– the project management (more task management)

– the technical direction

– tests and debugging

– the mirror mechanic

The aim is to complete our heart, our self-confidence, by changing the world view to overcome obstacles in a hostile environment. Since it is a game jam, the game takes place on one level. You only have one mechanic that allow you to change the world from black to white or the other way around, certain objects will appear and disappear accordingly, and there are also mirrors that allow you to cross obstacles by swapping with your reflection.

The game mood was very original and even if the mechanics were simple, the game is really fun to play.

Extract from the french award's stream about the game:

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