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White mirror

A nervous and hardcore platformer, intended for speed runners to try to beat as fast as possible ! 
Feb. 19 2019

This game was initially made during the global game jam 2022 in 48 hours, with the theme “Duality”. Since it was very popular among video game event fair, we pushed it further with a steam deployment.

I was in charge of :

  • Level design trick + Camera
  • UI
  • Gameplay logic (score, death, restart)
  • Steam CI Deployment
  • Bug fixes

White Mirror is a 2D-platformer in which the screen is split horizontally in its middle. We can see an environment and its reflection, which is a perfect inversion of the other one. Platforms, traps and enemies in white only appear on the black background and the other way around, black ones only appear on the white background. However, they exist in both sides.

Players must combine both information to see the level how it really is.

I was very happy to work on this game and it was a pleasure to work with such a good and solid team. When I first saw the concept, my brain was f*** up and it was a great surprise from start to finish. I’m also very happy that I managed to publish it on steam (even if it’s only a first step towards a real commercial game).

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