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Virtual Visit WebGL – SQLI

A WebGL application to discover the company premises and the various partner poles.

Telework internship carried out between my M1 and M2 at the University of Bordeaux, during the COVID-19 period from April to September 2020 at the SQLI agency in Pessac(France).

The initial objective was to create an application allowing to visit the agency in AR but as it was not possible at that time, so the project was readapted into a WebGL application of virtual visit.

We can visit the different rooms and desks, watch some virtual presentations and virtual poster about the company and clients, and there is a system to change the organisation of desks with some external files.

To see more details about it read the report available in French : rapport_sqli.pdf

 It was a good first experience in the world of work, which allowed me to deepen my understanding of different optimisation techniques. But as I was the only one in the company who knew the technology, I am a bit disappointed that my work could not be taken over after I left.

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