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Reigns-type game where you are the manager of a football club

Internship carried out between my M1 and M2 at the Cnam Enjmin, from July to September 2020 for Mr. BULLIT (Sport Management Pédagogie).

The main objective was to adapt a board game into a video game, but as this was not really possible, we instead made the pre-production and the prototype of a serious game that brings together the learning objectives of the original board game.

I was in charge of the whole production aspect (code, pixel art, UI, tools), and as it was a two-person project, I was also very active on the documentation and the ideation phase.

To see more details about it read the report available in French : rapport_sportagogie.pdf

The game idea is based on the Reigns system, but with some financial mechanics above it.

You are the director of a soccer club and your first goal is to make the right decisions and keep the balance of the different actors of the club (management with sponsors and administration / popularity with fans and press / players) and to manage your accounting well in order not to end up in bankruptcy. This will allow you to last longer, with more profits and finally hope to win the league 1.

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