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Pudy’s World Adventure

 A 2.5D adventure / infiltration game in a fridge as a pudding
Feb. 19 2019

Game made during the Jamming Assembly of Fenrir Studio in 48h by a team of 10 people.

You play as jelly pudding / slime that must eat all what you can find in order to coarse and ultimately eat the world, but be careful to not be taken and eat when the fridge open.

The project was split in two sub-teams, one creative and one technical. I was in charge of the technical direction and the debugging.

First time as a lead, and also with a big team. But the scope was too big, and the mechanics were not enough planned to be well implemented. The biggest problem was the evolution of the metrics with the evolution of the pudding, that we wanted to grow as he eats food. The technical team was also overwhelmed by the jellish animation.

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