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Nuclear Issues

An isometric shooting game where you eradicate radioactivity with a rocket launcher
Feb. 19 2019

Game made during the Game Jam + Link by Flatt226 association (now Operating Dwarves) with only two programmers and free outsource assets (+ a famous dubbing mixed by sound designers).

I was in charge of the character controller, enemies, camera, asset integration and level design.

The future is being destroyed by nuclear power. You are a brave scientist who has found the solution to clean up the radioactivity… with a rocket launcher! Why not test your invention in a nuclear power plant that has exploded? Many mutants are occupying the plant and blocking the way, but I don’t think that’s a problem…

Exterminate them!

It was a fun experience and the sound design is hilarious. There is also one surprise from the shooting gameplay that synchronize with the music and emphasis the experience. The difficulty progression and the level design was also very interesting to work with.

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