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An Unity extension to create and modify 3D regular map (cube, hexagon, etc) and gameplay based on.
Feb. 19 2019

Free tool developed during my free time and publish on the asset store. The objective was to create a tool for the asset store, and to familiarize with Unity custom editors.


  • Level editor with prefab pallets
  • Generic grid system (Hexagonal and Cube implemented)
  • Runtime gameplay support
  • Procedural modifications workflow
  • Debug and utilities functions
  • Undo/Redo operations

The idea to make generic grid by defining the coordinate system and by defining the form of the grid is not bad. But the principle of using prefab as base for the graphic part wasn’t a good idea and is heavy for performances. We would do instead some kind of merging for static meshes but it would been too much time consuming for the ambition of the project. Also procedural modifications need some kind of tricks to avoid infinite loops, and this is bug prone for future users.

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