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A nervous and mysterious pixelart narrative 2D platformer...

Game made in the Game Jam Label[i] 2020 and winner of the prize Label[i].

You play as a strange creature armed with blades for arms searching for answers in a seemingly living cave. Dashing on pustules or enemies to get around, you’ll discover that it’s not a cave but a huge planet-eating creature, and that you’re part of its immune system. What choice will you make between defending the creature, or the outside world?

I was in charge of the project management, the game design and technical direction, and I’m involve in a lot of functionalities like gameplay implementation, level design, asset integration, animation, playtests organization, UI, bugs actualization, etc.

Feb. 13 2020
One of my best experience. The result have some flaws like for the narration and it lacks the final boss combat, but overall the gameplay is really fun and the mood of the game is very unique. It was also a very humanizing experience.

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