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An asymmetric coop game about physic and cybernetic boss fight
Feb. 19 2019

Game jam organized by the student association Label[i] et supervised by Raphaël Marczak, doctorate in Game Design. The game have won the Game Design prize.


French article of the event

I was in charge of the networking, the implementation of the two controllers, and the boss.

The action takes place in a dark futuristic place where cyborg experiments have been conducted. Only dangerous specimens have escaped from the lab, and as a hunter and her robotic assistant, your role is to track down and disable these half-robotic, half-animal creatures.

The game is an asymmetric multiplayer cooperative game, and we have focused on the prototype boss fight. One player is the heroine who is a human and can fight and dodge, the other is a cyborg who can support and hack the enemies’ cybernetic system.

We have too high ambitions and the scope of the result was too big. We were beginners in network and game design and we chose the network and the asymmetric gameplay, now I will think twice about new projects with these two difficulties together in this time frame. We managed to handle the most important parts of the network, but it lacks a lot of the features we had imagined to be fun.


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