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Cold Trust

A close quarter investigation game between madness and darkness
Feb. 19 2019

Vertical slice from October to February 2023 during the M2 at the Cnam Enjmin.

Earth, 2056. As Humanity is dying, 4 scientists gather in an isolated polar station to try and come up with a cure to infertility. But as time passes and they cannot find a solution, tensions start to arise. Until one of them is found murdered.

The problem ? All 3 of the remaining scientists are convinced to be innocent.

In detail, what I have done is :

  • Blueprint library for game designer to create logic and trigger feedbacks (dialog, narrative events, sound, gameplay, …)
  • Dialog system with integration of Not Yet: Dialogue Plugin System
  • Procedural UI with Definitive painter
  • Interaction system
  • Cinematic system
  • Extraction of analytics data and python script visualisation for UX Designer
  • Part of Sound / Ui / Material/ Animation / Level design integration
  • Automatic local build with Jenkins
  • Blizzard VFX
  • Experimentation on Camera, TimedEvents, Language porting

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