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Athena Volumetric Viewer – Thermofisher

Work on the volumetric viewer on the Athena web platform, with front-end and back-end features 

Internship done at the end of my Master 2 at the University of Bordeaux, with some teleworking, from April until September 2021 at Thermofisher Scientific.

The main objective was to extend the functionality of the volumetric viewer to provide scientists with new and simple tools to measure and analyse data. I worked simultaneously on the back-end and the front-end to do this.

To see more details about it read the report available in French : rapport_thermofisher.pdf

Features i have done :

  •  Create a picking mechanism in 2D view of the volumetric viewer
  • Display a scale axis, to provide information about the scale of the shown data elements.
  • From the metadata given by the user, display the base unit of the dataset in the scale axis. It should change based on the actual zoom level. needed to create a custom dataset to test Athena Metadata unit.
  • Display the colour map legend in the middle top of our view.
  • Measure a distance between two points in a 2D View.
  • Measure an angle between two vectors in a 2D View.

I also designed and implemented a custom user interface system for OpenInventor (since they haven’t made one yet).

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